Whatever Happened to Roy G Biv?

By Kathy Reeves
14 September, 2016


Roy was considered dead long before I heard the news in 2010. He had been my friend for remembering the colors of the spectrum since I was in middle school. After I became a teacher, I introduced him to my students each year. He was a favorite member of the science classroom.

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I Love Science Videos!

By Chelsea Tauzin
08 September, 2016


Welcome to SciMi’s YouTube Roundup, where we’re sharing with you our favorite science videos we’re finding on YouTube. I mean, really… who doesn’t love a YouTube break during the work day?

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I Heart My Science Career! An Interview with a Food Scientist

By Scientific Minds
21 September, 2016


In an effort to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and interests, "I Heart My Science Career" highlights a person with a career in the sciences. Today's Scientific Minds interview is with Debie W. Blair, Food Scientist.

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