You’re the hero – let Science Sidekicks be your trusted companion.

Super charge your classroom with our newest product, the Science Sidekicks! Propel students to higher achievement by supporting your lessons with these powerful web-based learning modules perfect for remote learning, tutorials, remediation, and flipped teaching!

Each Science Sidekick is based on the 5E+ learning model with engaging images, activities, assessment, and loads of academic vocabulary practice. With super power ease, teachers control instruction and intervention while students master independent learning with encouragement from the sidekick heroes. The entire program is bilingual English/Spanish, and professional development is included. Give your students the super powers they need for science success with the research-based Science Sidekicks!

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Each of the 121 modules includes the following learning pieces:

  • Engage: engage/elicit page for journaling or to open discussion
  • Explain: explanation of core concept guided by teacher or played as video by student
  • Elaborate: vocabulary terms with audio and a task for vocabulary application
  • Evaluate: evaluation in an interactive, 10-question assessment with feedback
  • Explore: activity or lab to explore the concept
  • Exit tickets: 3 exit task options to guide instruction and learning

Science Sidekicks are aligned to all state standards and the NGSS, so they can be used to supplement any science curriculum.

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