I Love Science Videos!

By Chelsea Tauzin
08 September, 2016


Welcome to SciMi’s YouTube Roundup, where we’re sharing with you our favorite science videos we’re finding on YouTube. I mean, really… who doesn’t love a YouTube break during the work day?

  1. 5 Dinosaur Myths You Probably Thought Were True

    Why we love it: We loved Jurassic Park, and we’re always looking for fun “Did you know…” trivia to show off in front of friends at the next dinosaur-themed party… (What? You don’t have those?)


  2. Why Do You Always Get Sick After Final Exams?

    Why we love it: We’re now planning to get more sleep and overdose on Vitamin C before the holidays so we can actually enjoy the break. This video is worth a share with your students.


  3. Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other's Butts?

    Why we love it: We’ve always wondered about this. Admit it. We’re just happy to have some quick answers.



  4. How Not To Get Stuck In Traffic

    Why we love it: Living in Austin, WE HATE TRAFFIC! And we’re constantly looking for ways to avoid it. While I doubt I can get the person in front of me to stop snapchatting on the road, this video does provide really interesting information on how/why traffic jams occur in the first place.




Which one was your favorite? Have one you think we need to see? Share with us in the comments! You just might make our next post.

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I seriously ask my dog on walks why he NEEDS to smell other dogs like that. Guess I know now... Good videos!

Dawn K.

06 December, 2016 03:09 PM


These are awesome!! My students love it when they get a break to watch videos in class... THANKS!!!

Jacob D.

23 September, 2016 04:21 PM


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