Meet the Scientific Minds Team

By Kathy Reeves
07 January, 2016


Classroom teachers know what I'm talking about when I mention the perfect team. You group your students for lab activities or cooperative learning projects. You walk around the classroom monitoring progress and encouraging students to stay on task. Then you walk past a team, pause and listen, and suddenly you hear the Rocky theme music and have the victorious feeling of just having completed the run up the iconic Philadelphia museum steps. Fist pump! The group is communicating respectfully, all are committed to the mission and share a common vision, they display a strong camaraderie, and each member contributes a unique talent for accomplishing the goal.

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Hi! I'm Kathy Reeves, President and Founder of Scientific Minds, LLC.  I'm a teacher, edupreneur, and software developer. I'm on a mission to develop quality, web-based science education products that inspire, encourage, and promote next-generation skills for student success. Learn more

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