The Science Starters have been a "life saver" at times and always quality enrichment for myself and all the science teachers on the campus.

Science Dept. Team Leader

Bellvile ISD


Many of our students are English language learners. Science Starters has helped bring the vocabulary to life for them. It has also been very useful for our tutoring programs and a school-wide science review.

8th Grade Teacher

Lamar ISD


My students have benefited greatly from the Science Starters! The program is so teacher-friendly, the graphics are amazing, and it includes everything I need to help my students master the objectives.

Elementary Teacher

Killeen ISD

I love the program; I think it has really helped my students. I had them fill out an evaluation on the program and 95% stated that they feel the program is helping them learn science concepts. I'll be in touch!

8th Grade Teacher

Forrestville, IL


I love everything about the program. We are in the process of ordering our supplies and programs, and Scientific Minds is a MUST.

Biology Teacher

Baton Rouge, LA


This will be our 3rd year and we love the Science Starters! We have shown great improvement the past two years and our science teachers feel your program has helped us improve student scores. We are going to be recognized next year!

Science Dept. Chair

Weatherford ISD


I have been using Science Starters since I started here and I am sure that it has contributed to our success. Thank you for making a great product and sharing it. I know it has helped me and my Biology students achieve more than what many thought was possible.

Biology Teacher

Kenedy ISD


I have used your product before and love it! I am currently at a brand new school and would love to see if they can purchase it.

Elementary Teacher

Dallas ISD


I really like your product and think it is a necessary supplement to our curriculum.

Biology Teacher

Snyder ISD


This is our 3rd year using your program. Thanks for making a quality product!

Biology Teacher

Farmersville ISD


We absolutely love your product!

Curriculum Coordinator

Alief ISD


All of our TAKS Remedial kids passed last year, and this was our primary program.

Alternative Campus Instructor

Conroe ISD


We have had great results using Science Starters for summer school and review for TAKS. It has worked well for us.

Science Subject Area Coordinator

Aransas County ISD