Teacher Heroes

By Kathy Reeves
04 January, 2017


"...it is clear that teacher effectiveness is the major factor influencing student academic gain." "Research Findings from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVASS) Database: Implications for Educational Evaluation and Research." Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education. 12.3 (1998): 247-256. 13 Oct. 2016

No research data has made me feel the depth of responsibility I have as a teacher like the research findings from the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System. The research indicates that an ineffective teacher can have a lasting effect on student learning.  Having two ineffective teachers in a row can damage a student’s entire academic career. Their entire academic career!


One thing we know for certain is the teacher matters. The teacher is the most important factor in the educational process. No book, software, or technology device is going to be as important as the teacher. Sure, technology can remove some of the burden of work, can make classroom activities more interactive and interesting, and can offer a multitude of simulated experiences, assessment data, and prescriptive learning. But the teacher provides the critical human connection that motivates, encourages, and makes a student feel capable of success.

At Scientific Minds we recognize this and applaud our teacher heroes. We want to build practical and useful teaching tools that support teachers so they can focus on building those critical relationships. This video sums up what we see as our mission.

 How do you build relationships with your students?

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