I Love Science Videos!

By Chelsea Tauzin
29 December, 2016


Welcome to Round 2 of SciMi’s YouTube Roundup. We’ve collected some of our favorite science videos that we think you NEED to see (like the actual best cat video on YouTube).

  1. What if the Earth were Hollow?

    Why we love it: Why wouldn’t we ask ridiculous questions like this? Go ahead, try to dig that hole to China.



  2. Slow Motion Flipping Cat Physics

    Why we love it: We have the answer as to why cats always land on their feet! And it’s actually SUPER cool! Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in making this video.


  3. Shadow Illusion

    Why we love it:  We love fun experiments like this! When sunlight shines through a small hole, it casts a circular image on the wall regardless of the shape of the hole. The size of the hole also doesn't affect the size of the image. But WHYYYYYY?


  4. You Can’t See This (MIND TRICKS)

    Why we love it:  MIND TRICKS! Everyone loves a good party trick, but what happens when your brain starts playing it on… well… itself? How? And why??


Which one was your favorite? Have one you think we need to see? Share with us in the comments! You just might make our next post.

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Ok -- the cat physics video blows my mind! I don't know why I never actually thought about the science behind cats seeming to always land on their feet. I'm going to show it to my 8th graders today!

Amanda Heath

04 January, 2017 08:20 AM


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