Science for ELL/ESL
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Scientific Minds builds online learning modules that support diverse student populations and provide specific strategies for English Language Learners. Based on research from the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model, Scientific Minds has designed lessons that address science standards as well as the academic and linguistic needs of English Language Learners. Email us at for a quick demonstration to learn how Scientific Minds can support your English Learners!


Science Sidekicks for Grades 3-5

Each of the 120 Science Sidekick modules, in English and in Spanish, is framed by learning objectives and integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Spanish lessons provide native language instruction as a foundation for content area learning.

Each learning module provides teachers with strategies to meet the eight SIOP model components for effective instruction.

  • Preparation – Lesson modules are built from state and national standards and include features to help students make connections between new knowledge and prior experience.
  • Building Background –Each lesson module includes vocabulary, images, formative assessment, and activities that link new content to student experiences.
  • Comprehensible Input - Lesson content can be offered first in Spanish, then in English. The English can be guided by the teacher at a slower pace to allow students time to comprehend. Onscreen text allows students to see and hear the words. Powerful visuals, student discussion opportunities, and ongoing formative assessment provide support.
  • Strategies – Each lesson module provides multiple strategies to help ELLs acquire tools for learning. Strategies include writing stems, vocabulary activities, critical thinking activities, concept maps, creative expressions of content, verbal assessment, student discussion, and online assessment practice.
  • Interactions – Each of the 120 Science Sidekicks modules includes at least two opportunities for small-group, purposeful talk about what students are learning.
  • Practice/Application – Each lesson module includes an activity that allows students to practice new content knowledge, use language skills, and apply learning.
  • Lesson Delivery – Effective lessons are already created and ready for teachers to deliver. Teachers can use appropriate pacing strategies when choosing the “Teacher Guided” option.
  • Review and Assessment – Formative assessment through interaction between teacher and student is built into each lesson module, especially the Exit Tickets component.


Science Starters for Grades 6-8, Biology Starters, and Chemistry Starters

Lesson modules are standards focused, include images, onscreen text, Spanish vocabulary terms, modified pacing options, and a variety of strategies to help ELLs acquire tools for learning.