Biology Starters are a series of 110 web-based, interactive, digital lessons that teach foundational  biology concepts.  Teachers can use the research-based Biology Starters for whole-class instruction, and students can use them for interactive independent study.  Biology Starters include videos with audio, assessments with feedback, and over 1,000 interactive vocabulary flashcards to increase student achievement.

Biology Starters Include:

• 110 Online Biology Modules                                • Online Benchmark Testing
• 110 Print-on-demand Study Sheets                      • Formative and Summative Assessments
• Interactive Vocabulary Flashcards                         • Print-on-demand Quizzes
• Journal Topics                                                        • Teacher-guided or Hands-free Video Options
• Alignment to ALL State Standards & NGSS

Professional Development

Purchase the Biology Starters today and receive online professional development. The research-proven strategies support teacher effectiveness and provide them with tools for closing achievement gaps. Teachers are awarded 6 continuing professional education hours upon completion.

How do I use the Biology Starters?

Good question! Select one of the following to get a better idea of how you could use this outstanding science education product.

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